Book Review: Spark by Alice Broadway

Spark (The Skin Books #2)Spark by Alice Broadway
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Not only is Spark one of the prettiest books you’ll see this year but it’s also a cracking read! This sequel to Ink by Alice Broadway is every bit as outstanding as her debut novel covering issues such as segregation, fear and sense of belonging. Familiar characters are back and gaps in their history are filled in for some, while questions are raised for the motivations of others? Leora is learning more of her history but at the same time is still vulnerable and I like that this character, while strong, still shows her humanity and flaws and hasn’t transformed into some unbelievable Goddess of some rebellion like characters can be wont to do. The world is expanded beyond the boundaries of Saintstone as we learn more of the settlement of Featherstone and it’s history and get to read more of the tales/legends that make up the foundation of what these two groups believe in.

The story really is only getting better and better and everything is not as it seems, either for the characters or for the reader. There are some awfully surprising twists which left me eager for the next instalment and unsure as to who Leora should trust or not.

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